The type and condition of the ground on which you use your tyres has a significant effect on their performance and lifespan. Consequently, it is important to choose tyres best suited to intended applications because this will ensure optimal performance, durability and safety, not to mention value for money. With many years of experience, our team in Hull helps you find the perfect lorry tyres, earthmover tyres or tractor tyres for your vehicles, plant or machinery. 
In this guide, we provide the key information you need to know about choosing tyres for use on certain surfaces. 
Tyremover UK Ltd is an independent tyre supplier specialising in commercial, industrial and agricultural tyres, including plant and dumper tyres. No matter what your requirements are, we are on hand to deliver reliable advice and solutions. 


If you need tyres in Hull or the surrounding areas solely for road use (for example, if you are in the road haulage sector or distribution industry), you will need standard road lorry tyres designed for use on heavy vehicles. Because roads are the most safe, stable and even surfaces to drive on, you shouldn't have to worry about additional specialist features. 
Some plant and agricultural machinery are also used on hard surfaces including roads, yards and stable ground. You should always opt for tyres with suitable strength and traction for these types of terrain. Forestry tractor tyres, as just one example, offer excellent grip and improved sidewall strength. 


As a time-served tyre supplier, Tyremover UK Ltd has worked with many customers in Hull and across the UK who require tyres for off-road applications, including several types of rough, steep and soft terrain. In such cases, you will need tyres which won't sink, slip or easily puncture. As such, wider tyres are best, but we also offer an extensive range of tread depths and patterns to deliver optimal performance. 
This includes extremely strong and durable earthmover tyres and dumper tyres which are capable of withstanding surface conditions in mines, quarries and construction sites. 
We also offer tractor tyres which minimise soil compaction and maintain the condition of agricultural fields. 


If you use your vehicle or machinery over varying terrains and surfaces, it's important you have versatile tyres which are suitable for changing conditions. This ensures optimal performance and safety whenever you use your equipment, and it further means that you never need to worry about changing tyres when you move your unit onto a new surface. 
Operating as a reputable tyre supplier in Hull, we can supply innovative tractor, plant and dumper tyres, as well as lorry tyres designed specifically for a wide range of applications. Features include modern casing designs which allow for a choice of inflation pressures, meaning your tyres can adapt to different uses while still bearing the heaviest loads. 
Incorporating a range of technological advances, our mixed surface agricultural and earthmover tyres deliver optimal performance and durability with an extended lifespan. 

We’re here to help 

For more information or advice on industrial, commercial, tractor or agricultural tyres in Hull, Yorkshire or across the UK, please call 07530 614851 or visit or contact page to get in touch. 
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